We Love DSP

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May 31, 2020 11:00 pm

    We Love DSP
    Tissue Paper and Modge Podge on cardboard

    Colorful tissue paper was arranged by a group of individuals from Koinonia. The bright colors juxtaposed together create a compelling landscape that mimic a stain glass window. The bright colors dance around the central theme of the piece, a heart/love. The title of the piece We Love DSP is a tribute to Direct Support Professionals. DSP’s are the backbone of Koinonia and other providers who support individuals with developmental disabilities. They indeed are at the center of quality of care within Koinonia.

    This 26 inch X 29.5 inch piece is framed without a front glass to symbolize the need for love and care to be accessible without barriers or restrictions.

    Proceeds from the auction will benefit Koinonia Enterprises virtual programming that offers schedule activities Book Club, Coffee Club, Exercise Classes, Yoga, Cooking Classes, Musical Programming, Art Therapy, Pen Pals, and Crafting Activities to our clients remotely during COVID-19.

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