Tiger Lily

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May 31, 2020 11:00 pm

    Tiger Lily
    Acrylic on Cloth

    This vivacious, fiery orange piece mirrors the pedals of the Tiger Lily flower. Because of the vibrant colors of the flower, it symbolizes positivity and confidence. When we focus on our strengths together, we accomplish something much greater as a team. For this exercise, the individuals were broken into groups. One group painted, another group cut strips and the last group arranged. In this team-building exercise we realized each group had different tasks. Each group was essential to complete the final piece.

    29 inch X 31 Inch with frame

    Proceeds from the auction will benefit Koinonia Enterprises virtual programming that offers schedule activities Book Club, Coffee Club, Exercise Classes, Yoga, Cooking Classes, Musical Programming, Art Therapy, Pen Pals, and Crafting Activities to our clients remotely during COVID-19.

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