Koinonia Uses The Work Number to verify Employment

Refinancing your mortgage?

Renting an apartment?

Buying a car?

The Work Number® simplifies employment and income verification and accelerates credit decisions.

Koinonia has selected The Work Number, the nation’s leading employment verification service, to securely and instantly provide the verifications you need to keep life moving. To learn more, visit

If your creditor requires proof of employment or income, provide them:

1. Your employer code: 17334

2. Your Social Security Number

3. Direct them to or to call 1- 800-367-5690

If asked to provide a “salary key” as your consent to the release of income, please call the number above, enter Employer code 17334, your Social Security Number and your PIN # (the last 4 numbers of your social security) and follow prompts.

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The Work Number Employment Verification