The Koinonia Way is how we care, support and lead to achieve our mission and values

At Koinonia, we believe that the philosophy of the Koinonia Way must be embraced and practiced through leadership.  We believe that every team member is a leader with the ability to improve our organization through their behavior and we teach everyone how to lead The Koinonia Way.  We are held accountable to provide an environment where people are developed and can grow to their full potential by practicing these leadership behaviors:

  • I provide a positive, supportive environment.
  • I create an environment where people are recognized and feel valued.
  • I embrace an environment where we are always improving and welcoming new ideas.
  • I provide an environment where people feel supported when there is change.
  • I create an environment of cultural humility where everyone feels respected no matter their differences.
  • I provide honest, constructive feedback in a respectful manner.
  • I create an environment where importance is placed on inclusion, collaboration, shared power, and partnership.
  • I show compassion and strive to understand others’ feelings and intentions.
  • I demonstrate good stewardship to ensure we have adequate resources to support the growth and development of our associates and individuals.
  • I expect to be held accountable to these behaviors and welcome opportunities for personal growth.

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