This past April, Koinonia joined the Autism Society in promoting awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many of our clients have received a diagnosis of autism, so we are privileged to share the Autism Society’s commitment to providing adults with ASD the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

We recently asked you to make a gift to Koinonia programs that support people who have autism and other developmental disabilities. The response we received from our many friends was incredibly gratifying. We received gifts totaling more than $4,000! With your help, we will continue to provide individuals with autism opportunities to enjoy meaningful employment, to volunteer and to fully participate in the communities in which they live. Thank you for your generosity!

The support of our committed friends and supporters allows us to grow services for the many clients we serve. Our current priority funding areas for 2019 include:

  • Ensuring the delivery of nursing care to all clients, regardless of their funding sources
  • Increasing the reach of our ASPIRE program and establishing the ASPIRE Job Club
  • Utilizing technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Koinonia staff members and increase the independence and self-confidence of individuals with IDD
  • Transforming our VocHab program from facility-based to a community-based, “no walls” service delivery model
  • Restructuring our adult day center in Brooklyn Heights by creating smaller hubs throughout our community that deliver enriched, person-centered and community-integrated programming based on the needs and desires of the individuals we serve
  • Driving the growth of our Shared Living program
  • Supporting the Employment Services division of Koinonia Enterprises, which allows our clients to find jobs in our community that pay at least minimum wage

If you would like to make a gift to advance these important initiatives, please visit

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