“My passion is to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals who need strong advocates, caring supports, and the right resources to thrive. I’m a change agent and proud to work at Koinonia where we are finding innovative ways to better serve the IDD community.”

In her role as Vice President of Programs, Stacey Rokoff works to ensure that Koinonia has a coordinated healthcare strategy with all organizational initiatives, services, and programs. She actively participates in strategic planning regarding program growth, direction, and the overall success of the organization. She is also responsible for implementing programing and activities that ensure effectiveness, productivity, compliance, profitability, program utilization, and access. Under the direction of the Chief Clinical and Program Officer, Stacey designs and develops the growth of expansive programs that model best practice in holistic, integrated, trauma-informed care for populations with coexisting conditions.

Stacey has considerable experience advocating for and administering direct service to vulnerable populations. She brings extensive experience in behavior change, personal growth, and innovative program approaches. She previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Evi-Base, an organization that provides health plans, employers, and providers with evidence-based programs and solutions for chronic disease self-management and prevention. Stacey is also a licensed social worker in the state of Ohio.

Stacey was a Committee Chair Member of the Center for Community Solutions Council on Older Persons and a Professional Advisory Board Member of the Cleveland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She holds a M.S. in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a B.S. in Psychology from John Carroll University.