Swarm of Jellyfish

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May 11, 2020 1:08 pm

    Swarm of Jellyfish
    Acrylic on canvas

    Unified in a swarm, our individuals embark in a program beyond the walls of confinement. Barriers have been constructed over the years to keep individuals “safe” but in fact those same walls prevent development and growth. A light at the end of a long and dark tunnel has opened wide and has given many individuals the opportunity to escape a period of hardship and embrace a new world. We move together like jellyfish into the community, the community is the swarm. Could you tell which Jelly Fish doesn’t belong to the swarm? It’s a trick question, they all belong. Individuals with developmental disabilities often face adversity in our communities when in reality they belong, just as much as anyone else.

    This 24 inch X 48 Inch piece was a group art project created by members of Koinonia’s Community Pilot Program. The program was created so individuals with developmental disabilities can experience life in the community beyond the walls of an adult day center; the path to inclusion.

    Proceeds from the auction will benefit Koinonia Enterprises virtual programming that offers schedule activities Book Club, Coffee Club, Exercise Classes, Yoga, Cooking Classes, Musical Programming, Art Therapy, Pen Pals, and Crafting Activities to our clients remotely during COVID-19.

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