Today, 85% of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) transitioning from high school have the expectation that they will work in a job, a significant change in thinking from a decade ago when less than 20% of adults with I/DD had that expectation.

Koinonia Enterprises (KE) are experts at providing Career Planning and Job Coaching services to people who have I/DD, and we’ve got the certifications to prove it:

  • KE is a Certified Vendor by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) in Career Planning and the components of Career Planning which include Career Discovery, Career Exploration, Job Development, and Situational Observation and Assessment. We are also certified by DODD to provide Job Coaching and Community Integration Employment.
  • The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) has certified KE in Community Employment Services including Employment Supports, Job Development, Community Integration, and Organizational Employment Services.

Career Planning

Individualized, person-centered, comprehensive employment planning and support that provides assistance for individuals to achieve or advance in competitive integrated employment. Career planning is a focused and time-limited engagement of an individual in the identification of a career direction and development of a plan for achieving competitive integrated employment and the supports needed to achieve that employment.

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Career Discovery

Career Discovery is an individualized, comprehensive process to help a job seeker understand how interests and activities of daily life may be translated into possibilities for integrated employment. Career discovery results in the identification of the individual’s interest, skills, and strengths in one or more specific aspects of the job market.

Career Exploration assists an individual to interact with job holders and observe jobs and job tasks. Career exploration may include informational interviews with and/or shadowing persons who are performing the job duties of the identified occupation. When possible, the job seeker shall be given an opportunity to perform actual job duties as well.

Job Development is an individualized service to develop a strategy to achieve competitive integrated employment. The job development strategy shall reflect best practices. The service may include analyzing a job site, identifying necessary accommodations, and negotiating with an employer for customized employment.

Situational observation and assessment

Situational Observation and Assessment is observation and assessment, not to exceed thirty days, of the individual’s interpersonal skills, work behaviors, and vocational skills through practical, experiential, community integrated, paid work experiences related to the individual’s preferences as established in the individual service plan.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is identification and provision of services and supports that assist the individual in maintaining employment and/or advancing his or her career.  Job coaching includes supports provided to the individual and his or her supervisor or co-workers on behalf of the individual, either in-person or remotely via technology. Job coaching may include the engagement of natural supports in the workplace to provide additional supports that allow the job coach to maximize his or her ability to fade. Examples of job coaching strategies include job analysis, job adaptations, instructional prompts, verbal instruction, self-management tools, physical assistance, role playing, co-worker modeling, and written instruction.

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In order to qualify for services, our clients have a documented history of life-long
intellectual or developmental disability.For more information please visit the Resource section of our website.

To begin to look for services, you must contact your local county board of developmental
disabilities. They will work with you to determine eligibility for services. For more information please visit the Resource section of our website.

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