Koinonia’s Whole-Person Integrated Care plan incorporates medical and behavioral health care with preventative and wellness services to support each person with dignity and integrity.
Our team of caring professionals understand the complex issues people with IDD are challenged with daily. Registered nurses, clinical social workers, psychologists, mental healthcare practitioners, intellectual disability specialists, and clinical trainers will work together, each member understanding the care and support the individual is receiving from a holistic view. Social and environmental issues will also be considered. All actions needed to keep the person safe and healthy, including health care, nutrition, safety, and personal support will always be considered.
We are proud to have successfully been accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities in May 2022. The next phase of our WPIC program includes the expansion of these critical services to additional clients in 2022, with the goal of further expansion in the community in 2023.