Congratulations are in order for Sheila Burton. Shelia is being recognized with the Front-Line Supervisor Award presented by the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA). The OPRA award is given annually to select supervisors who “make it all come together.” This is exactly what Shelia embodies daily at site. Her effective communication skills ensure all duties are performed and everyone is held accountable. She is not heavy handed, but she speaks truthfully and honestly from her heart.  She knows people make mistakes and understand things can happen.  Training and support are provided to her caregivers, on an “as needed” basis.  Sheila has embraced choice and person-centredness with her staff and individuals, solidifying a large base of loyal co-workers and clients.

Sheila is an excellent problem-solver. She understands all aspects of her responsibilities; staying cool when confronted with problems.  She knows that things will always work out but is also quick to act when a situation demands. She is grounded, calm, and humorous, which keeps things light in stressful times.

One of Sheila’s greatest attributes is her even-handed treatment of everyone. People feel important around Sheila, because in her eyes, they are. She has earned the respect of the county Support Administrators, because she goes the extra mile for her individuals. For instance, one of Sheila’s individuals was placed in a nursing home for many months. The Support Administrator was having issues in getting her placed, due to behavioral issues. Sheila was asked to assist and then proceeded to accompany the Support Administrator, touring potential homes. Sheila did this all on her own initiative. She believes it is all about the individuals we serve; equally important, are the people who work with them. She builds relationships of trust and consistency in her dealings with all and follows through on her commitments. Great work Shelia!

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