ICF Home Supervisor Shariese Heard was recognized as a 2022 Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award winner. Due to the workforce crisis, we had to temporarily close one of our ICF Group homes. Shariese played a crucial part in helping to organize, plan, and implement training with our newly hired team members leading to the reopening of this home. She is known as someone who leads by example, promoting teamwork and positivity. 

Recently Shariese’s team underwent a Medicaid audit which found zero citations.  What a great outcome for a newly formed team in a reopened group home! 

Shariese goes above and beyond to promote Koinonia’s mission, providing outstanding services and support to the people that live at her site.  She utilizes Trauma Informed Care techniques daily with her residents, and she helps her team understand the benefits of this approach to help people feel safe, connected, and in control of their lives.

About The Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award

The Peter Nebenzahl Champion Award was created by Nancy Nebenzahl, a family member of an individual we serve.

The award is given annually to five deserving Koinonia DSPs who are living and applying the principles of trauma-informed care to the people that Koinonia serves.