Respite Care

Supporting All Residential Options

Supported Living – Everyone has different needs. Some of our individuals need drop-in support; some require 24-hour assistance. Our Supported Living services focus on each individual’s specific necessities and preferences. Individuals choose where to live and assert responsibility by paying their living expenses. Personal resources (earned, benefit, and gift income) are first used to meet basic needs and all living expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc.). The result is a more informal, natural support system. Koinonia serves over 60 supported living sites throughout Northeast Ohio (Cuyahoga, Summit, and Lorain counties).
Shared Living – Living with a caring and nurturing family is another option we offer individuals. Shared Living families receive thorough training, allowing them to support up to three individuals in each home. The individuals get to be apart of a community different than living in a group home. Shared Living homes are funded through the waiver program. Koinonia currently has 15 Shared Living locations available, and we are adding more all the time.
Multi-System Youth – Koinonia’s new youth housing model offers short-term respite and longer-term care—up to six months—for children with
both IDD and behavioral concerns. The placement is in a home environment and care is provided by a single set of live-in “house parents”—who provide much-needed consistency and oversight, but without requiring the rigid schedule frequently found at institutions. These resident house caregivers focus on teaching important life skills and appropriate behavioral responses to the youth, while their parents are able to find reprieve from the taxing caregiving these children often require—all while maintaining their guardianship.
Respite – Our Walling’s home offers a respite bed that can be used for a temporary respite stay for emergency or planned stay. Respite is funded through the waiver program.