Koinonia Enterprises: Day & Employment Services

Facility Based Program

Adult Day Services: Koinonia’s Adult Day Program is a good fit for individuals who are unsure if they wish to seek employment, but still want to enjoy a wide variety of engaging activities in and out of the center.
Vocational Habilitation Services: Koinonia’s Vocational Habilitation (Voc Hab) Program is great for individuals who want to find their path to employment, while building the skills necessary to achieve their goals. This includes community volunteering, social skills training, interview skills, and the fundamentals necessary for finding and keeping a job.
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Community Program

Community-based programming is a great way to provide social experiences to individuals in their local communities. Engaging activities may include:
  • Park visits
  • Picnic
  • Trips to historical sites
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Bird and animal observations
  • Music
  • Art therapy
  • Library visits

In-Home Programming

Koinonia Enterprises (KE) is able to temporarily provide active treatment for individuals seeking Adult Day and Voc Hab services from the comfort and safety of their own home. KE staff is equipped to take their programming curriculum out of the walls of the Adult Day Program and into the homes of any individuals seeking KE services.

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Virtual Programming

A space to connect ourselves with meaningful experiences and opportunities in the community. Virtual delivery is a major resource for the STEP model programming and individualized interests in group sessions (1:1 – 1:5). The STEP model focuses on direct service delivery to ensure the person has all needed equipment and supplies to participate in services outside of the day service center, but allows for limited amounts of service delivery on behalf of a person.
Activities may include:
  • Current Events
  • Exercise/Dancing
  • Skill Development
  • Virtual Tours
  • Cooking/Nutrition
  • Hang outs with friends
  • Employment Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Arts/Music

A Better LIFE

At Koinonia, Lifelong Inclusion for Everyone (LIFE) is a model that clearly identifies adequate supports needed for people with IDD to move from exclusion to community inclusion while addressing each person’s choices, barriers, and needed supports.
The LIFE model includes creating a Canvas that measures an individual’s “LIFE Level,” a ranking based on the individual’s ability and desire to be active in the community. The Canvas identifies any barriers to inclusion and supports needed. Using the LIFE model along with the Choices app, people may choose to explore a career path or engage in volunteer work, participate in cultural activities, explore virtual events, join a sports team, or other activities.


ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources) is a national, nonprofit trade

CQL Accreditation

More than a year of hard work, preparation, self-assessment, and interviews culminated