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Mental & Behavioral Health Services

Koinonia is a leader in the advancement, care, and acceptance of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). In 2021, we refined our mission to ensure that we address the whole person, integrating care and supports in ways that support the unique needs and preferences of each person we serve. Our goal is to provide integrated care that addresses the whole individual, including intellectual and developmental disability, mental and behavioral health, and primary care conditions, many of which are inexorably linked in the population we serve.

Counseling Services as Unique as You Are

Koinonia focuses on mental health services that meet your unique needs. We offer specialized individual and couples counseling to our clients. Koinonia makes our services more convenient by offering counseling services in the home, day program, workplace, via telehealth, in the community or in our office. Our team offers flexible availability and schedules to work with our clients and their families. 

The common reasons why people seek counseling services include depression – feeling sad and empty, self-harm, anxiety – feeling uncontrollable worry, self-esteem and self-belief problems, feeling overwhelmed by stress, Feelings of anger that impact areas of your life, struggles with communication, past trauma, and sexual offenses.

What can you expect when in counseling?

Our counseling services are conducted by licensed staff who are specifically trained in the fields of mental health, psychiatric disorders, developmental and intellectual disabilities. Your counselor will meet to discuss your history, gather information about you, and discuss why you are ready to get help. Your counselor will complete a few assessments and determine the best course of treatment. The course will include, the type of therapy, the frequency of visits, and who will be involved in the treatment. All of these things will be a collaboration between you and your counselor.Types of therapy may include- Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Therapy, and other specific therapies that may be suggested, depending on what you need. Sessions generally last from 45-60 minutes. This length can vary from client to client and can vary based on the counselor’s recommendations.