Sara Phillips – Chaucer

How can the Core Values of Koinonia be described, and placed in concerted action with the efficiency of Trauma Informed Care? If one was to look closely at the professionalism and work ethics of Sarah Phillips, these virtues, can be witnessed, in her compassionate, and nurturing manner of dealing with The Individuals at the Chaucer House. She is often seen helping them engage in fun and enriching activities, to assisting them with house chores, but most of all the gentleness, and enduring nature that she demonstrates, when dealing with the Individual’s is truly rewarding to watch. She allows the Individual’s the opportunity to be themselves, and express their sadness, and then she encourages them to turn the negatives, into positives.

When Sarah takes the Individual’s on outings, such as neighborhood walks, she is engaged with them, pointing out different scenery, helping them cope with their daily frustrations, and showing them a better way to handle challenging situations. Every outing that she takes them on, is for their benefit, and something that can be advantageous, and enjoyable unto them.

I am reminded of a poem I heard several years ago at an OPRA gathering. An aging mother who was grappling with the difficult decision of placing her daughter in a Group Home said to her mother, “Momma, what will I do when I need you, who will help, and love me like you?” The mother replied to her daughter, “Sweetie, the world is full of good angels, and I pray that one is sent to your new home, and in them, you will see me.” I close this nomination letter by saying, Sarah nature is truly “angelic”,  for in her job performance there is Respect, Accountability Integrity, and most of all Trust. These Core Values adorned with Compassion, which is a pertinent balm when dealing with Trauma Informed Care. Sarah is deserving of such an honor, or nomination, because she is true to her trust, and purposeful in her dedication to the Chaucer Home Individual’s..”

About The Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award

The Peter Nebenzahl Champion Award was created by Nancy Nebenzahl, a family member of an individual we serve.

The award is given annually to five deserving Koinonia DSPs who are living and applying the principles of trauma-informed care to the people that Koinonia serves.