We Don’t See a Disability. We See a Possibility.

At Koinonia Homes, we focus on the strengths of those we serve. We are dedicated to empowering each person we serve and their families to make choices that bring meaning and purpose to their lives, while creating paths to everyday community inclusion.

Our Residential Services for people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities includes 21 licensed group homes, over 50 supported living arrangements, and a shared living program that allows individuals to receive continuous care and support while living in a family home setting.

Wondering if you qualify for residential services? Learn More >>>

Group Homes

Koinonia provides services to individuals in 21 licensed group homes. Between four and eight people live in each house which are staffed 24 hours a day. Eighteen are certified as Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs/MR), meeting the federal requirements and certified by the Department of Health (Medicaid). Two homes are funded through waivers. Learn More >>>>

Supported Living

Everyone has different needs. Some need drop-in support; while others require 24-hour assistance. Our Supported Living services focus on each individual’s specific necessities and preferences. Individuals choose where to live and assert responsibility by paying their living expenses. The result is a more informal, natural support system. Learn More >>>

Shared Living

Ohio Shared Living is a residential service option that allows individuals to receive continuous care and support while living in a family home setting. Shared Living Providers receive on-going training and support from Koinonia. Providers may be families, couples, or individuals who work from home or outside of the home. Learn More >>>

Why Choose Us

      • Staff is specially trained on Autism with the goal of improving communication and social behavior
      • Team of Nurses provides nursing care coordination, nursing supervision, and clinical services for individuals enrolled in residential, day support, or vocational programs
      • Supported living services range from 24-hour supports to drop-in services
      • A positive culture is an intentional way that we partner with our individuals to focus on creating healthy relationships and recognizing that all of us have unique gifts
      • Koinonia is a leader in Northeast Ohio who has been providing innovative services for those who have I/DD for over 40 years

What Clients Say

By: Mother of Person Served

I am very satisfied with my son’s placement. My son has been a resident for quite awhile and he likes his home. Also, now that he is older, there are some health issues involved of which the house supervisor and the staff are very understanding. They are capable of assisting him whenever it is needed. The house is always clean and my son as well as the other residents appears to be well adjusted and happy. I have constant contact with my son and I feel comfortable with my son’s placement/living arrangement.

Parent or Legal Guardian, ProviderGuide Plus
By: Mother of person served
Wonderful staff, very clean home. I have peace of mind knowing that my son is in good hands and lives in a nice environment.
Very satisfied with all services, ProviderGuide Plus
By: Mother of Person Served

My daughter has been in the care of Koinonia Homes for many years. In all that time,I have never been anything but satisfied with the services she has received. The home she lives in is always neat and clean, the atmosphere is very pleasant. She appears to be very happy and content when I visit her.

I would very definitely recommend Koinonia Homes.

Koinonia Locations

Koinonia (coin-o-NEE-yah) is a leading non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Northeast Ohio that provides residential services, day programs, and employment services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our service portfolio includes 21 licensed group homes, over 50 supported living arrangements, transportation services, and shared living options all provided in safe and healthy settings.