Direct Support Professional Priscilla Swinney is a 2022 Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award Winner. According to her nomination:

“Priscilla deserves to be recognized for this award because she has a genuine heart for the individuals that we serve.

Respect: Priscilla has compassion and unconditional positive regard for people. Priscilla is able to calm individuals down when they are upset. Priscilla helps individuals through their meltdowns which leads to a better quality of life.

Accountability: Priscilla holds herself personally accountable by taking the individuals to visit their families when the family is unable to come to the site and visit.

Integrity: Priscilla shows a high level of truth and honesty by communicating with the Manager and individual’s team ways to improve the individual’s day-to-day life.

Trust: Priscilla has built trust with the individuals and their families. One of the individual’s family requested that she be made guardian in the event that they were unable to no longer care for their daughter. Before this person’s mom passed away, she had her attorney complete paperwork for Priscilla to become her guardian. Since then, the individual’s mom and dad passed away. Priscilla is now Mary’s guardian. This shows the bond that Priscilla had with Mary’s parents.”

Thank you Priscilla for displaying our core values in everything you do!

About The Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award

The Peter Nebenzahl Champion Award was created by Nancy Nebenzahl, a family member of an individual we serve.

The award is given annually to five deserving Koinonia DSPs who are living and applying the principles of trauma-informed care to the people that Koinonia serves.