The kind of leadership we usually encounter in business assumes a top-down perspective. The Koinonia Way, however, teaches us that our culture needs to be more inclusive and collaborative, to help everyone who is worked and served here realize their full potential.  That’s why we believe in leading from the inside out.

We will be demonstrating leading from the inside out through:

  1. I Care Advisory Team – A team of associates who are not managers or supervisors that share feedback with the Employee Experience Steering Committee.
  2. Courage and authenticity. Having the courage and self-awareness to authentically be our whole selves – strengths, vulnerabilities, and differences.
  3. Communicating in a purpose-driven way that inspires self and others to do what is important and to stretch beyond existing boundaries.
  4. Understanding and appreciating the perceptions of others. Listening to their concerns and celebrating and sharing their ideas.

Leading from the inside out is courageous, an authentic influence that created enduring quality and value.

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