Koinonia is proud to announce that several Program leaders have achieved the SHRM People Manager Qualification (PMQ). Jason Dresden, Sabrina Johnson, James Frankino, Maureen Schroder, Jennifer Rocco, Stacey Rokoff, and Jeanne Greene all completed the required training and successfully passed the comprehensive final assessment necessary to earn this qualification offered by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The PMQ training program is designed to help leaders develop and expand on specific skills through gamification and experiential learning to more effectively lead dynamic teams. The program was designed to build leaders’ skills in the four key areas executives say matter most to enterprise success and workplace culture. These areas include effective communication, performance management, team leadership, and situational judgment.

Stacy SoriaChief People and Strategy Officer, and Jeanne Greene, Chief Clinical and Programs Officer, looked at different programs that would advance the unique skills necessary to positively impact culture. According to Jeanne Greene, “Studies have consistently demonstrated a positive correlation between organizational and workplace cultures and health care outcomes. We know when a negative culture persists, the risk for negative outcomes is also greater. These poor outcomes can include an increase in UIs and MUIs such as falls, infections, and injuries, as well as a decrease in the satisfaction of those we serve. Ensuring we provide training that incorporates essential skills and increases the ability to lead dynamic teams is a critical strategic initiative aimed at culture development and retention improvement that ultimately may impact health outcomes.”

The SHRM PMQ training was an online, self-paced learning experience that takes between 12 and 20 hours to complete. The PMQ included three seasons and 28 separate episodes. Each lesson covered various topics that included having difficult conversations with workers and setting realistic expectations for employees.

“The SHRM PMQ training really helped me hone in on specific people skill areas that I needed to work on to become a better ‘people’ manager,’ said Jason Dresden. Jason went on to say, “One of those key areas was the way I handle Emotional Intelligence. I was not personally recognizing that I needed professional development in the negative way I was reacting to people when having crucial conversations.”

Stacey Rokoff appreciated the SHRM class as an advancement of the team’s overall management style. “ It helped us refine specific managerial aspects for each of us and developed new techniques to better lead our program team”.


Congratulations to all who completed this course!