Koinonia Homes, Inc. which is a nonprofit corporation 501 (c) (3) intends to submit a Proposal for a capital grant under the provision of 49 USC Section 5310 of the Federal Transit Act to provide transportation service to the elderly and disabled within Cuyahoga County. The grant proposal will request (2) LV 16-2 light transit wide body vehicles.

It is projected that 175 individuals with intellectual disabilities will use the service 240 days/52 weeks a year for various activities, including transportation to day programs that include but not limited to, career and vocational services.

Koinonia Homes, Inc. invites comments and proposals from all interested public, private, and paratransit operators including taxi operators, for the provision of transportation service to the elderly and disabled within our service area.

Operators who are interested in offering proposals to provide service should contact Maureen Schroder, Director of Transportation at Koinonia Homes, Inc. 6161 Oak Tree Blvd. Suite 400 Independence, Ohio 44131 to obtain full details of the type of transportation service that is needed prior to preparing a proposal.

Koinonia Homes, Inc. will be hosting a town hall meeting at their Independence office listed above to highlight the need for additional transportation vehicles, plan for growth, and answer any additional questions on Thursday, January 11th from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. All interested community members are invited to attend. To reserve your seat contact Amanda Taylor by phone at 216-588-8777 ext. #153 or by E-mail at amanda.taylor@koinoniahomes.org.

Please note: Written comments or proposals should be submitted within 30 days to the agency at the above address with a copy to the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, 1299 Superior Street E, Cleveland, OH 44114; Attention: Jim Thompson re: Section 5310-Public notice

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