Independence, Ohio – July 23, 2019: Koinonia Enterprise’s (KE) Mayfield Team was recognized for staff excellence at the 2019 All-Staff event at the Holiday Inn in Independence, Ohio. The award was presented by Andrea Dobrin, Chief Operations Officer. The team was nominated by Elizabeth Bajusz, KE Mayfield Manager.

According to the nomination, “It has been a privilege for the past 18 months to cultivate a team that works so well as a united front in the day-to-day service delivery of the individuals at KE Mayfield.   We are at a point now where we function as a team is meant to function. We offer daily community outings and activities as well as volunteering opportunities and the staff I have now understand the importance of community connection.

The atmosphere is light- I see staff laughing with one another but also challenging one another, holding one another accountable, and asking questions to ensure they are delivering the best care.

I have seen each and every staff person at Mayfield step up as advocates for not only these particular individuals but all individuals at the site who may need help, who are in need of additional supports, who do not feel safe, or just when something is not right.

Here are some examples of advocacy and integrity – in which Mayfield went above and beyond:

  1. Recently, an individual while being transported to a psychiatric ward became aggressive towards the residential staff and the hospital staff. Our staff member spoke up and identified that the restraint used by the hospital and the residential staff was not approved in the individual’s ISP which may have contributed to the individual’s distress; the concerns were brought to management immediately upon returning.
  2. Recently an individual who was experiencing a sudden increase in aggression; the staff took the time to talk to the individual, rebuild rapport, and re-establish trust. Due to this regular encouragement, the individual trusted the staff enough to share some difficult information about a situation at his home and that was quickly addressed by management.
  3. A staff member faced critical feedback from a few guardians of individuals in her room. Despite these challenges, the staff member displayed a willingness and openness to work with the guardians and find a way to meet them in the middle by advocating for the individual’s needs and addressing any concerns that can be remedied through communication and improvements.
  4. The staff who oversee the senior’s room at KE Mayfield are very in touch with the individual’s interests and desires as well as their medical and dietary needs. The staff has been quick to point out if an individual is not eating their meals, pays close attention to their personal interests and takes an active role in ensuring these individuals are getting out into the community.  In the senior’s room, the individuals are engaged, singing, playing Bingo, or working on an activity, and they always appear to be having fun.
  5. Mayfield also has a staff member who has taken the initiative to support an individual who is not technically assigned to their room. The individual can become overstimulated which can quickly escalate into aggression if a less stimulating environment is not offered immediately.  The staff member is the first one to attempt to work with this individual and assist with finding a calmer space, assessing the individual’s pain levels, and working with the individual 1:1.
  6. Upon observing a staff from another agency strike an individual while he was having an episode of aggression, our staff member handled the situation by first ensuring the individual was safe and then provided counseling, as the individual was visibly upset. The staff member then promptly reported the situation to management and ensured that the appropriate phases of the investigation had begun.

Advocacy can be difficult, uncomfortable, and scary at times in situations such as these, and in our field in general. Therefore, I would like to take the time to celebrate my staff for choosing to do the right thing every day with every individual.”

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