Koinonia employees don’t just dedicate their careers to helping people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) live better lives in our communities, they also support our clients with small payroll deductions, small deductions that together have a huge impact.

The Thanks to Friends Fund, or TTF, was established in 1998, to provides financial assistance to individuals can benefit from specialized therapies, counseling, medical equipment, educational and recreational programs that enhance their quality of life. Additionally, the fund is available to people in emergency situations. Koinonia employees donate nearly $20,000 annually to this special fund.

How has the TTF fund made a difference in January and February 2019?

  • We provided a mattress and box spring for someone who suddenly needed a new bed
  • TTF Donors provided reading glasses for a client
  • Lots of warm winter clothing for several clients, including shoes, coats, boots, and underwear
  • We enabled a wheelchair-bound client to participate in SOAR (sports, outdoor, adventure, and recreation activities) to increase their physical activity level and build self-confidence.
  • We purchased a new wheelchair for a client

“One of the things that makes Koinonia so unique is our employee dedication to our clients,” said Cheryl Senko, Director of Development and Communications. “The TTF fund is just one more example of how they go above and beyond to accomplish our agencies mission of partnering with people who have developmental disabilities to achieve a healthy, fulfilling, and enriched lives.”

While the TTF fund is exclusive to Koinonia employees, there are many other ways that community members can support Koinonia’s mission. For more information, please contact cheryl.senko@koinoniahomes.org or phone (216) 588-8777 ext. 350

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