Our Frontline staff has been working hard to keep our individuals safe during this pandemic.  They have rallied together and dealt with changes, new policies, and putting themselves at risk because of their passion and dedication to our individuals. Our staff has truly embraced “The Koinonia Way,” with one employee taking their dedication beyond their job description. Patrick Weaver, a Direct Support Professional, combined his artistry and dedication to our mission to raise money and awareness for Koinonia.

An inspiring entrepreneur in addition to his role at Koinonia, Patrick had recently purchased an embroiderer machine so that he could sell embroidered merchandise like backpacks, hoodies, jackets, and T-shirts.

Just one week before COVID-19 hit Ohio, Patrick started to design and sell merchandise based on one of his favorite shows HunterXHunter. He sells his merchandise through an Instagram account, @SluttyThreadz which has 1500 followers. As COVID-19 made its way through Ohio, Patrick decided to hold a fundraiser, selling raffle tickets for $4.00 each. Many people donated to Koinonia by purchasing the tickets for more money. Through his efforts, he was able to raise $500.00 for Koinonia and he also raised awareness of our mission and challenges to the many followers of his Instagram account.

We are so thankful for all of his hard work and dedication to Koinonia and the people we serve. We are honored he put together this fundraiser to support us!