Koinonia asks employers to consider hiring people with Autism during Autism Awareness Month


Cheryl Senko & Mark Donofrio – Koinonia Homes

Koinonia Homes’ mission is to partner with people who have developmental disabilities to achieve healthy, fulfilling, and enriched lives. Cheryl Senko, Director of Development & Communications at Koinonia Homes and Mark Donofrio, Resident at Koinonia Homes, joined Alexa and Michael to tell you more about it.

Here are the questions Alexa & Michael asked: 
Tell us more about Koinonia Homes, Inc.?
What is Koinonia Enterprises’ Vocational Habilitation Program?
What other programs does Koinonia Enterprises offer for people who have developmental disabilities?
What challenges does Koinonia Enterprises Face?
Mark – describe your experience as a Resident at Koinonia Homes?

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