Director of Waiver Services Patti Matzinger and parent and DD Advocate Peggy DeMooy appeared on 90.c WCPN The Sound of Ideas Radio show, to share Peggy’s story of how she turned her family home into a group home for her son Brian. According to Patti, “Our individuals, they so much want to be a  part of community, that’s part of our challenge is to get them out in the community… as we start educating more and more people on what the needs of these individuals are, it comes down to something very simple.  It’s just about compassion, human compassion, getting to know people –  they are no different than you and I, they belong, and that’s the journey we hope to take our individuals on as we serve them.”

Click on the photo below to hear the complete interview, Koinonia appears on the show at 16:50 into the recording.

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