Award winning documentary filmmaker Dan Habib premiers his latest film Intelligent Lives at The Cleveland International Film Festival on Tuesday April 10th at 7:00 PM. There is also a second FREE showing on Wednesday April 11th at noon. Both shows can be seen at Tower City Cinemas. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

How much weight does an IQ score actually hold? Considering all the different types of intelligence, can a simplistic number truly tell us what someone is capable of? Director Dan Habib, whose career has centered on films about the disabled, certainly doesn’t think so. Chances are, after seeing his latest documentary, neither will you. Narrated by award-winning actor Chris Cooper, INTELLIGENT LIVES dismantles the myths about people with intellectual disabilities. Cooper’s involvement with the project is personal: his teenage son died of complications from cerebral palsy in 2005. The film focuses on the lives of Micah, Naomie, and Naeer, three charming disabled young adults who have excelled well beyond the limited expectations set for them. With loving and supportive parents who fought to keep them from being segregated in school, they are hardworking and leading productive lives with bright futures ahead of them. By documenting their accomplishments, as well as their struggles, Habib makes a convincing case for a much-needed change in the antiquated and narrow ways in which our society often views these individuals.


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