How a Nurse improved Marcia’s Quality of Life

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How a Nurse improved Marcia’s Quality of Life

I’d like to introduce you to Marcia. People describe her as kind, easy going, and friendly. Someone who has a beautiful smile. Even though she is non-verbal, she has a way of letting people know when she’s happy or sad. Suddenly, Marcia started to act differently. She was having problems eating, and was easily agitated. Concerned for her well-being, a member of our nursing team came to evaluate the situation and knew immediately something was terribly wrong.

Marcia was quickly taken to her physician, who discovered that she suffered from severe cataracts. She hadn’t been eating her food because she couldn’t see it. She was agitated because she couldn’t enjoy the outdoors, something she loved to do. Imagine how frightening it must have been to slowly go blind, but not be able to express that to others. Thank goodness a nurse was there.

Koinonia provides nursing care coordination, nursing supervision, and clinical services for over 450 people like Marcia who are enrolled in our residential, day support, and vocational programs. Care coordination involves nursing utilizing their expert knowledge to organize care among healthcare providers and specialists and to improve care outcomes through education and advocacy.

For Marcia, a nurse saved her quality of life – but not everyone is as lucky as Marcia. Current funding does not adequately cover vital nursing services including physician or dentist appointment review, monitoring healthcare data, or transition care from the hospital, rehab, or emergency room.

More than 60% of the people we support have more than five chronic conditions and see multiple specialists. They average 5-10 medications daily. Nursing care coordination is critical in ensuring a healthy, fulfilling, and enriched lives for the people we serve.  By making a donation to Koinonia, you will help close the funding gap and stand with us in believing that people who have developmental disabilities deserve the same right to quality healthcare as anyone else. DONATE NOW

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