The holiday season is a time when we step back from our busy lives to celebrate the beliefs that fill our hearts. The “spirit of the season” envelops us with warmth, compassion and caring. For all of us at Koinonia, it’s also a time of reflection where we celebrate how far we’ve come over our 43-year history and ready ourselves for the future.

In the past, people who have developmental disabilities were not expected to live, work, contribute, and recreate in the community; nor could anyone have imagined they could be independent. Isolation from family and community was the norm. It was a life of many limitations.

How things have changed!

Families are now creating a different vision for their sons and daughters, a vision of living a full and meaningful life, while being as independent as possible – and Koinonia is ready to accompany them on their journey, providing the right supports, the right direction, at the right time. We help create the environments where people can thrive and achieve their dreams.

  • We were with them in Summit County when another provider suddenly closed their doors and people needed to be served.
  • We were with high school students providing transition services as they explored career options by touring workplaces, volunteering, or completing internships, so they could be prepared for employment after they graduated.
  • We were with them when they needed transportation to go to church, a job, a volunteer opportunity, or a doctor’s appointment.
  • We were with them, as they prepared for a job interview, started their first day, and celebrated their employment success.
  • We were with them, each day in their homes and communities.

We were with them then, and we’re still with them now, thanks in large part to your support and advocacy. We hope you will consider increasing your 2017 commitment to Koinonia, so we can continue to open doors to realizing the human potential of those we serve.

Wishing you and your families a very happy holiday season!

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