This month, we are highlighting Tiera Gennis, a Supervisor at one of our Summit County Homes, for demonstrating the Koinonia Way by using person-centered supports to CARE for her clients, and how she LEADS her team to achieve outstanding results by supporting continuous performance improvement. The progress of one client, Ron, is especially noteworthy for this nomination.

Ron was always an easy-going guy, with a great smile and a good sense of humor. He likes his routines. But sometimes Ron struggled because either he didn’t understand what was going on, or he didn’t appreciate changes in his routine. He also had problems when staff changes occurred in his home.  Ron is close to his family, and they noticed that Ron didn’t seem as outgoing as he once was. They asked Tiera what she could do to help.

Working with her team, Tiera started to make sure that Ron was offered choices, vs. just telling him what he should do. They worked to prepare Ron anytime his routine was about to change, to make sure he understood why and what was happening.  Tiera also made sure that Ron was also offered the opportunity to try different community activities, which he really enjoyed!

According to Margaret at Summit DD, “Ron is going out, seems very happy and is interacting more with others at home and at work.  He is getting to his doctor appointments and things are being followed up on in a timely manner, whether medical, financial, etc.  The family is happy too.  They can see the difference in Ron, the home and the attention that the staff gives to Ron.   I know this just doesn’t happen-it takes work and I just wanted to let you know how much your staff has done in such a short time.

Patti Matzinger, Director of Waiver Program acknowledges that “the work is not easy… but the leadership and teamwork that is happening is phenomenal.”

Please join us in congratulating Tiera and her Norton Road team for creating a collaborative environment that empowers and motivates people to do their best every day! Thank you for living The Koinonia Way!

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