In her role as a Qualified I/D Professional, Mary Therese has impacted people at Koinonia through her willingness to always step up when needed, her desire to be a mentor and teacher to her teammates, and her ability to think out of the box and be innovative.

Mary Therese shows great coaching skills in her day-to-day interactions with fellow staff.  She is solution-oriented and does not waste time finding fault or placing blame; she instead offers support and training when needed to the DSP’s at her sites.  A hands-on leader, Mary Therese often steps up to cover a shift when staffing is short or if a supervisor is on PTO. She volunteers to teach PBS and CPR classes.  She answers her company phone to field questions from staff even when she is not on call. She has a way of earning trust by showing up and following through with requests in a timely manner.

Mary Therese had some individuals at one her sites who needed clothing, but they did not have the funds to purchase what they needed. Instead of relying on an employee-sponsored fund that benefits our clients, Mary Therese got busy, did some research, and found companies that donated clothes and shoes for the individuals.

There was an individual at her Ridgewood site who could not manage the stairs in the home any longer due to ambulation issues. Mary Therese played a large part in coming up with the solution of moving that individual to Hilltop, which is all on one floor while moving another individual from Hilltop to Ridgewood.  The two individuals adjusted to their new homes quickly, and this move improved the quality of life for both.

Mary Therese embraces quality, teamwork, and excellence – when in turn, enhances the performance of her core team. She embodies something we call “The Koinonia Way,” a philosophy we have adopted to tell the world the “way” we do things. It’s a model that is not just focused on the people we serve, but on our staff as well. Mary Therese creates a collaborative environment that empowers and motivates people – staff and clients, to do their best every day. She CARES, SUPPORTS, and LEADS to embrace and embed an inclusive culture with everyone she interacts with. She empowers people with knowledge, skills, and coaching to help staff realize that they too are leaders with the power to influence the world around them.

Mary Therese is a shining star and all of us who work with her know how special she is and that she can be counted on, even when the going gets tough. Mary Therese digs her heels in deeper, rolls up her sleeves and just does it!

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