Deborah Frenchik – Grunan

“Deborah Frenchik truly exemplifies someone who lives and breathes our Core Values and Trauma Informed Care. She has worked with GRUNAN for over 14 years and has built strong a relationship and a reputation for integrity, trust, accountability, and respect. She knows her individual and understands how her life experiences have made her into the woman she is today.

Their relationship is such that GRUNAN doesn’t want ANYONE to fill in if Deborah is on PTO. GRUNAN is a drop-in site and is able to handle herself when Deborah is off. Deborah ensures anything GRUNAN will need is arranged prior to Deborah’s time off, (including shopping, scheduling activities, and arranging transportation).”

Recently GRUNAN informed her staff of a fall while they were not on duty at her apartment. Knowing her medical history, Deb rushed GRUNAN to the ER where a small bleed on the brain was discovered. Had it not been for Deborah, this life-threatening situation might have gone undetected. Her actions may have saved her individual’s life, as she was able to receive the proper care and treatment needed. During her hospitalization, Deborah went above and beyond to continue to meet her needs for support and encouragement. Deborah knows she loves Disney, so she purchased a stuffed Dumbo Elephant and took it to GRUNAN to keep her company in the hospital. Deborah continued to keep in contact and keep her individual encouraged. She also kept in contact with the medical team caring for GRUNAN throughout her hospitalization as well as advocating for her and her needs.

During the hospitalization, we had a major storm. Deborah was proactive and went to GRUNAN’s apartment to ensure she did not have a power outage or flood/storm damage. This was of great comfort to the individual and was above and beyond what may have been expected of Deborah.”

About The Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award

The Peter Nebenzahl Champion Award was created by Nancy Nebenzahl, a family member of an individual we serve.

The award is given annually to five deserving Koinonia DSPs who are living and applying the principles of trauma-informed care to the people that Koinonia serves.