More than a year of hard work, preparation, self-assessment, and interviews culminated in late 2020 when The Council on Quality and Leadership, CQL, informed us that Koinonia has achieved its 3-year Quality Assurances Accreditation

CQL accreditation promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to an increased quality of life.  Beyond that, CQL gives us access to philosophies, tools, and practices that enable individuals to achieve their personally defined outcomes.

When Koinonia decided to pursue CQL accreditation, we undertook a rigorous process to review and improve our supports and services. CQL utilized the following tools to measure our organizations policies, procedures, and practices against standards required for accreditation:

  • CQL’s Basic Assurances® ensure accountability for Heath, Safety and Human Security. They look at your systems and practices and their effectiveness, person by person.
  • CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® are used to identify people’s quality of life outcomes, plan supports, and gather information and data about individual outcomes. CQL facilitators began the accreditation engagement with Personal Outcome Measures® interviews to demonstrate the linkage between personally defined quality of life and excellence in person-centered services.

CQL accreditation sets Koinonia apart from other organizations and demonstrates our culture and commitment to service excellence.

CQL accreditation is a journey, not a destination – we will always be working to become a better organization by embracing person-centered solutions that improve the quality of life for people who receive our supports and services. We are pleased to partner with CQL on a journey of ongoing organizational transformation.

CQL (Council on Quality and Leadership) Accreditation is grounded in over 40 years of leadership and peer-reviewed research, and promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to increased quality of life.