Independence, Ohio – July 23, 2019.  Ten employees who work at Koinonia’s Chaucer location were recognized for their successes at the 2019 Koinonia All-Staff event at the Holiday Inn in Independence Ohio. The award was presented by Andrea Dobrin, Chief Operations Officer at Koinonia. The winning team was recognized with a plaque to remind them of their outstanding achievement. They also were provided with “party funds” for a celebration.

According to the nomination, “The Chaucer team has recently celebrated a true success story. They were trying to help an individual with Autism and mental health and behavioral issues. From the moment Lawanda Robinson stepped into Chaucer house as supervisor, she sought advice, help and assistance from her staff, Behavioral Support Manager Polly Mix and the core team.  She wanted to know how she could help this individual in order to create a better living and working environment for all concerned, but ultimately a better life for the individual.  Polly put in countless hours, attending core team and staff meetings. Creating visual communications and providing ongoing input, and materials for the staff to use. The core team supported this journey with assistance in training staff, explaining to them the why’s and how’s.

Lawanda ensured she was there every step of the way, helping to assist them because it got pretty challenging at times. Everyone including the individual and his guardian (mom) played a key role in assisting this individual in taking personal responsibility and making better choices for himself.  Through their ongoing commitment, consistency, and true caring, this individual was able to finally move into a less restrictive waiver setting, with a focus on getting a job in the community. It took everyone working together to make this happen.  These folks really know what great Teamwork is. There may be things do not agree on and choose to agree to disagree, but when it comes down to getting the job done, they come together and make great things happen for their individual’s. Polly is continuing her contribution to assisting with other individuals and communication/behavioral issues in the site.”

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