Direct Support Professional Alica Bonet is a 2022 Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award Winner. Alicia was nominated by a parent of a person we serve, here’s what they said about her:

Since Alicia Bonet was introduced to Trauma Informed Care about 4 years ago, she has implemented the techniques she learned to help all the ladies at the house feel safe, connected to their caregivers, and in control as much as they can be, making choices for themselves as much as possible.

I can speak for my daughter, Katie, who lives at the home Alicia works at, and say that her challenging behaviors, which included scratching, biting, pinching, and not keeping her clothes on, are now virtually non-existent because of the way Alicia works with Katie, showing her respect and giving her choices that reduce her frustration.

Prior to being introduced to Trauma Informed Care, Alicia had already established a strong relationship with Katie and her housemates, with her gentle approach and quiet determination. The trust that Katie has in her, allows Katie to leave the house and go on outings from time to time, which had not happened in years.

Alicia’s scheduling and follow-through of medical appointments help ensure Katie’s continued physical health. Alicia has a strong work ethic and has worked many extra shifts for long stretches of time, whenever needed. For the first time since Katie has been receiving care outside my home, I know she is safe and enjoying her life with Alicia as her helper and caregiver.  I’m forever indebted to Alicia for all that she’s done for Katie and the ladies at Wyleswood.”

Thank you Alicia for being a shining example of Koinonia’s mission in action!

About The Peter Nebenzahl Champions Award

The Peter Nebenzahl Champion Award was created by Nancy Nebenzahl, a family member of an individual we serve.

The award is given annually to five deserving Koinonia DSPs who are living and applying the principles of trauma-informed care to the people that Koinonia serves.