In February, Koinonia started their first ever Act of Kindness Project. Michelle Moore, a Koinonia Project Manager, was the head on the project. Michelle came up with the idea at a supervisor meeting. She thought of doing something different this year. She discussed with the group a few options along the lines of giving back to the community, and the Act of Kindness Project was the consensus.

Valentine’s Day came at the opportune time to launch the project. The individuals of our residential sites of The Way, Sycamore, Green 1, Green 2, Eastway, Overbrook, Russell, Hyde Park, Monmar, and Thojua all came together to make Valentine cards a few days prior to Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, our individuals hand delivered their cards to the residents of Manor Care Nursing Homes. The Koinonia team was a huge hit at the nursing home in putting smiles on the faces of all their Valentines.

The next Act of Kindness Project was done in collaboration with the City Mission Project. Our individuals came together in what Michelle referred to as “THE GREATEST IN WAIVER HISTORY” to prepare eighty lunches bagged for adults and eighty snack bags for the children of the City Mission Program. It was another success!

Michelle stated, “the projects were put together so that the individuals could experience different outlets. We are used to people giving back to us and it’s nice that the group can come together and assist others.” This was a great point made by Michelle. The project gives our individuals a different perspective on service that they might not have had prior. It is heart-warming to hear about those who need support in some areas wanting to assist other humans in different areas. The program embodies a few things Koinonia directly stands for in community, empowerment, and fulfillment.

Michelle’s favorite part of the program is seeing the team come together to make a successful project. In the future, Michelle hopes the program can connect with the local animal shelter. As well as plan a mother day brunch, where we can honor women that are a part of the individuals lives.  She also plans to work again with the City Mission and Manor Care Nursing home later this year.

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