Medical Mutual of Ohio

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Medical Mutual of Ohio

Medical Mutual of Ohio has been a great supporter of Koinonia over the years. In 2019, Medical Mutual granted us $25,000 in support of our Nursing Care Coordination. Nursing care is critical for our individuals, many of whom cannot tell a doctor their medical history, or their current concerns if left alone in a doctor’s office or emergency department. Our nurses use their expert knowledge to improve the health of our clients by organizing care among healthcare providers and specialists, and through education and patient advocacy. This coordination is critical in ensuring healthy, fulfilling, and enriched lives for the people we serve. Click here to learn more about Nursing Care Coordination at Koinonia.

In 2020, Medical Mutual offered their support during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating $25,000 to our Frontline Caregiver Support Fund, which offered assistance to our frontline workers who were facing financial problems due to the pandemic.

This year, Medical Mutual supported the development and implementation of Koinonia’s new and innovative approach to care, which centers on providing health, wellness, and well-being support. The approach is called Whole-Person Integrated Care (WIC). Funding was used to develop a behavioral health program by the end of 2021 and begin implementing it inpatient service. By offering these services onsite, they will have the resources and expertise to properly manage the complexities of psychiatric and behavioral health and will limit the barriers the people they serve often face. This will lead to the proper diagnosis of mental illness, accurate medication management, and appropriate care that is accessible to all.