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Leadership Team: Executive Cabinet

Executive Cabinet
President & CEO
As President and CEO of Koinonia, Diane Beastrom has led the organization in becoming the region’s leading service provider for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Executive Cabinet
Chief Information Officer
“It feels good to work for an organization that is dedicated to helping improve the lifestyles of and eliminate barriers for individuals in the IDD community. I feel like part of a team by being able to provide the right tools and technologies that enable our staff and direct care providers to better serve our clients.”
Executive Cabinet
Chief Clinical & Program Officer
“I’m passionate about providing holistic care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and bringing the IDD community to the forefront of population health concerns. A large part of my role is to understand what is happening globally in healthcare, how that affects individuals with IDD, and how we can effectively advocate for them and remove any disparities.”
Executive Cabinet
Chief Financial and Operation Officer
“I’m proud to help carry Koinonia’s mission of serving the IDD community forward. By focusing on new business opportunities and healthcare strategies that align with the organization’s strategic plan, I’m doing my part to ensure the success of Koinonia and the people we serve.”
Executive Cabinet
Chief Strategy & People Officer
“It humbles me to be able to support our colleagues who show up each day to partner with the people we serve. I am highly committed to centering the Koinonia workforce around our shared values, and aligning our people, strategy, systems, structure, and skills to make a meaningful impact and enrich the lives of those we serve.”

Leadership Team: Vice Presidents

Vice President of Programs
“My passion is to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals who need strong advocates, caring supports, and the right resources to thrive. I’m a change agent and proud to work at Koinonia where we are finding innovative ways to better serve the IDD community.”

Leadership Team: Directors

Cristine Board
Director of Human Resources
Lisanne Bright
Director of Healthcare Services
Daniel Burke
Director of Finance
Nelson Cook
Director of Facilities Maintenance
James Frankino
Director of ICF
Brian Hoyer
Director of Quality and Compliance
Sabrina Johnson
Director, Koinonia Enterprises
Jennifer Rocco
Director of Waiver Services
Gabe Santacreu
Director of Technology Services - IT
Maureen Schroder
Director of Transportation
Cheryl Senko
Director of Communications and Community Outreach

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