LIFE is an acronym for Lifelong Inclusion for Everyone, and at Koinonia Enterprises it’s a model that clearly identifies adequate supports needed for people with IDD to move from exclusion to community inclusion while addressing each client’s choices, barriers, and needed supports.

The LIFE model includes a canvass that measures an individual’s ‘LIFE Level’ which is a ranking based on the individual’s ability and desire to be active in the community, and identifies any barriers to inclusion they face, and supports they may require. Individuals will receive a ranking between one and four. Koinonia staff will then use the assessment to develop individualized plans for each client to move toward greater community integration and independence and evaluate progress made toward this goal.

Choices App

The Choices app allows staff or clients to quickly find community-based activities that are appropriate for each client’s LIFE Level. Users can quickly get a synopsis of activities happening within a chosen geographic limit near their current location. Users can select activities based on the category of interest and immediately receive all the information they will need to participate.

Using the LIFE model along with the Choices app, clients may choose to explore a career path or engage in volunteer work, participate in cultural activities, explore virtual events, join a sports team, or other physical activity. It can be integrated into Virtual Programming, Facility-Based Programming, In-Home Programming, and Community Programming.

The LIFE model is designed so that clients will:

  • Be active and live, work, and have access to activities and choices like anyone else;
  • Have natural supports, personal relationships, and friendships outside of Koinonia’s walls;
  • Have choices based on their personal interests;
  • Participate in socially “expected” activities either independently or with support dependent on their ability;
  • Have meaningful membership within the community;
  • Be heard and feel accepted; and,
  • Have access to the training and resources necessary to support an inclusive life.

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