I feel like I just received a MILLION BUCKS. As I reflected on this week, I was struck by the kindness of you all.   And I’m not the only one.  A visitor today also commented on how welcomed she felt while waiting in the lobby. Many people made substantial deposits into my work life this week that will surely be felt in my personal life.  I received unexpected birthday cards, affirming words from DSPATHS graduates, a person sincerely seeking to understand my perspective on a matter, a compliment about my participation in a meeting, an empathetic ear and last but not least support and coaching from my team.

As I reflect on what I received, I hope to pay it forward as the saying goes. I am putting out a challenge to all of you to make deposits in those around you.  You get extra points if you make a deposit into a person with whom you have a strained workplace relationship.  Making deposits with kind words, an apology, respect, setting clear expectations and in so many other ways make a difference.  I’m a witness.  This doesn’t mean our expectations change or that we don’t have the tough conversations. It means the rules of engagement with our colleagues change. Covey says deposits like the ones I received build and repair trust.  Yes, they do.  They also repair wearied souls. The benefit of build trusting relationships helps us to work better together, so that we as a TEAM do our best work for the individuals that we support.

Here are the rules for the challenge whether a depositor or recipient:

  1. Depositor – Be sincere in your deposit
  2. Depositor – Don’t expect the person to respond in a reciprocal matter
  3. Recipient – Accept the deposit
  4. Depositor and Recipient – Trust the process
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