Sharing the Koinonia Approach Nationwide

Despite another challenging year behind us, I am pleased to announce that Koinonia continues to advance the concept of whole person, integrated care – an innovative new direction that supports the unique needs, preferences, and entirety of each person we serve.

When we developed the approach more than two years ago, we envisioned collaborative communities nationwide that accept, support and optimize the quality of life for all individuals with IDD. To this end, I recently accepted the role of board president of ANCOR, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to shaping public policy and sharing solutions that strengthen the effectiveness of providers to people with IDD.

In this role, I will have the ability to share the amazing progress Koinonia has developed right here in Northeast Ohio and extend our practices for the benefit of others nationwide. I will also be in a unique position to learn from other organizations and adopt new methods back home at Koinonia.

The leading issue today affecting all providers is staffing – more specifically, the staffing of direct support professionals, or DSPs. Attracting and retaining these uniquely talented employees lies at the core of every provider’s success, and Koinonia is no exception.

The national labor shortage hit the IDD community particularly hard in 2022, but I am proud of our team, who rose to the challenge by developing extraordinary solutions. We reassessed our entire approach to recruiting and began marketing and advertising for DSPs in ways we never imagined. We streamlined the hiring process and promoted inventive new benefits, such as daily pay.

Whether it’s COVID, staffing, or financial shortfalls, there will always be obstacles. Despite the challenges, Koinonia for decades has continued to expand its mission and serve as a national model of excellence for people with IDD.

As we move into the new year, I strongly encourage you to engage in our mission. From financial contributions and helping to shape public policy, to recruiting DSPs and supporting our individuals directly – the opportunities are boundless, and we warmly welcome your support.

Happy Holidays to you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you in 2023.

Diane Beastrom
President and CEO