The team at Wyleswood, consisting of Renee Deszo, Alicia Bonet, Natalie Cody, Nadia Mack, and Lisa Townsend, is the recipient of the 2021 Team Award from Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA)!  

The team was nominated by Director of Waiver Services Jenn Rocco, who shared a story from a guardian about their loved one who lives at Wyleswood, Katie. Katie came to Koinonia after her supported living home was acquired by the organization. She and her roommates were in distress and chaos from the move, as her home has been through several providers over the last few years. Additionally, these providers had difficulty keeping staff and working with the individuals and their behaviors.  

Renee, Alicia, Natalie, Nadia, and Lisa created an environment for Katie and her housemates to thrive by utilizing trauma-informed care tactics. For example, the team realized that a consistent routine helped Katie tremendously, and subsequently provided her with structured activities and guidance. They also consulted a behavioral health specialist to better understand Katie’s perspective and implemented care strategies based on the specialist’s recommendations. 

Under Renee and Alicia’s guidance, the staff have come together to work as a team and dedicate themselves to the care of the people in their homes. They help and respect each other, as well as those in their care, even under challenging circumstances. This dedication was incredibly apparent when Katie, her roommates, and the staff were diagnosed with COVID-19 last year. The staff responded by choosing to stay in the home and take care of the residents, with some staff even temporarily moving in to provide 24/7 care until everyone recovered. 

Katie’s guardian had much more to say about the team at Wyleswood, and said that they “continue to routinely go above and beyond my expectations. This group of five extraordinary women have cared, nurtured, and improved the lives of all the ladies they care for.” 

 Congratulations, Wyleswood team!