Elizabeth Galarza is one of Koinonia’s 2021 Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA) Award winners!

Liz is the award recipient for Front Line Supervisor in District 7, and was nominated by Program Manager Paula Jordan and Development Associate Kelsey Mulhall. In her nomination, Paula highlighted Liz’s high standards for providing excellent care, as well as her creative and innovative ideas for enhancing the quality of life for the people she cares for. Specifically, Liz provides direct care to a person served named Debbie, helping her improve her diet and exercise while curating her model of care to fit her needs and preferences.

Kelsey notes that Liz is also credited for saving Debbie’s life, having recognized that something was not right and scheduling a doctor’s appointment for first thing in the morning. The appointment led to the discovery of a blockage in Debbie’s artery that called for emergency surgery. Liz’s quick action and relentless pursuit for an answer to Debbie’s medical symptoms was recognized by Debbie’s family, the primary care physician, and Director of Waiver Services Jenn Rocco, who called Liz a “true hero.”

Additionally, Liz has created a culture of empowerment, support, and improvement within her team that she supervises. She has modeled and demonstrated how the staff can engage more with the people in their care, and how staff can guide and teach individuals to be self-sufficient through household tasks and community engagement. Liz is seen as incredibly dependable by her peers and can always be counted on to help.

Congratulations, Liz!