2018 All-Staff Award Event

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Independence Ohio – Thursday, July 31, 2018 – Over 100 employees were honored for demonstrating excellence on the job and for their years of service at Koinonia’s annual All-Staff Awards Celebration. The awards celebrate individuals who have demonstrated excellence in one of Koinonia’s strategic guiding principles:
  • Person-centered supports
  • Innovative, effective services
  • Healthy, supportive relationships
  • Nurturing personal choice
  • Partnerships with families
  • Financial responsibility and stewardship
  • Service excellence
  • Personal growth and development
  • Community membership and interaction
  • Understanding and supporting change throughout the life cycle

Selection committees that consisted of Koinonia leadership, employees, and past award winners reviewed and ranked the nominations.

Award presenters were Diane Beastrom, President & CEO; David Laubenthal, Chief Administrative Officer, Julie Wagner, Chief People Officer, and Andrea Dobrin, Chief Operating Officer.

2018 Founders Award Winner – DSP Category, is Kate Dumond!

Jackie Burgio, Supervisor - KE wrote the following about Kate: “Kate is the best advocate I know.  When she noticed the health of an individual declining, she brought her concerns to me and a special team meeting was scheduled.  As Kate works very closely with this individual, she attended as well.  This man, who does not live in a Koinonia home, was suffering from skin break down, digestive issues, hand contracture and was having difficulty walking.  At this meeting a family member said, “Well, he is disabled, and we didn’t expect him to live this long”.  Kate, very respectfully, pointed [...]

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2018 Founders Award Winner – Management Category, is Michelle Moore!

Michelle's nomination submitted by Patti Matzinger, Director of Waiver Services: “Koinonia is not just the National Spelling Bee Champions’ winning word, but a name that proudly identifies the agency we work for. A word of Greek origin meaning fellowship. But at the very heart of the word is community, partnership and generous sharing. While few can say or spell it, the reason Michele Moore has been nominated for the Founders Award is because Michele lives it. Michele has been working at Koinonia in some type of residential capacity for 13 years and for the last 3 and ½ of them, [...]

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5 Year Service Award Winners

This year we have 31 associates celebrating their 5th anniversary with us! Our five-year award recipients each received a $30 Giant Eagle gift card. Please join us in congratulating our award recipients: Liz Bajusz Nicole Britt Derrick Bruggeman Luz Cespedes Juliette Collins Dominique Dansby Schmeca Ferguson Carmen Gandarilla Amber Giangrande [...]

10 Year Service Award Winners

Just over 20 associates are being honored for 10 years of service!!! Our ten year award recipients will receive a $50 Giant Eagle gift card.  Please join us in honoring these dedicated employees: Cherie Cook Tasha Cummings Isaac Diggs Kate Dumond Monica Edwards Lisa Galganski Sharon Goodrum Andrea Herring Tressa [...]

20 Year Service Award Winners

Our twenty-year award recipients will receive a check for $150!!! These 3 very special associates have been with Koinonia for 20 years! Please join us in congratulating these employees for their passion and dedication to our mission: Barbara Mays Deb Ruda Priscilla Swinney

25 Year Service Award Winners

Our twenty five year award recipients will receive a check for $250!!! These 5 very special associates have been with Koinonia for 25 years! Please join us in celebrating the following employees: Galen Hatter Kay Howard Sharon McGill Lawanda Robinson Diana Talley Miller

2018 Outstanding Team Award – Beeler House!

The Beeler team was nominated by Elizabeth Galarza, House Supervisor.  Elizabeth wrote: Stephen Covey teaches that, “between what happens to us and our response is a SPACE, and that the key to our growth and happiness is how we use that SPACE”.  The journey at Beeler has taught us to [...]