Jackie Burgio, Supervisor – KE wrote the following about Kate:

“Kate is the best advocate I know.  When she noticed the health of an individual declining, she brought her concerns to me and a special team meeting was scheduled.  As Kate works very closely with this individual, she attended as well.  This man, who does not live in a Koinonia home, was suffering from skin break down, digestive issues, hand contracture and was having difficulty walking.  At this meeting a family member said, “Well, he is disabled, and we didn’t expect him to live this long”.  Kate, very respectfully, pointed out that he had indeed lived this long, will probably live much longer, and deserves the best quality of life as possible.  She was able to recommend supports available such as Physical Therapy and help through Medicaid. More meetings and conversations were had with the team and ultimately, the man was able to get braces for his hand and legs, a brand-new wheelchair and even more adaptive equipment at his home, including a bathroom remodel.  He is now moving better, appears much more comfortable and is enjoying his time at KE much more.  He was even recently able to enjoy a vacation to Florida with his caregiver! Instead of just doing her job, Kate was vocal with her concerns and is happy to serve as a “go to” person when the Physical Therapist and Caregiver visit.

Kate’s best friend is a woman who likes to carry a photo album of family members with her always.  She asked for a photo of Kate, so she wouldn’t miss her when they are apart.  They even carry matching bags, as best friends do.

On the rare occasion that Kate uses her PTO to “Sharpen the Saw”, she takes time out to call in and video chat with the individuals in room 2.  They all really enjoy this, as it makes them feel important to her.

When she found out another individual enjoys playing with water, Kate asked his Residential Supervisor to send in swim trunks.  While some might consider this individual “difficult”, Kate made arrangements to bring him to the community pool.  He was nervous at first, but she let him hang on to her until he was comfortable.  They made a few short trips and went slowly.  He is not yet swimming laps with Michael Phelps, but he is now enjoying his time in the water and in the community.

Kate is very dedicated to the individuals that she serves and can change the mood of a room with her sense of humor.  She is fantastic at redirection and not above telling a good fart joke, since that is what works for some.  She encourages community integration by planning and following through with outings and makes sure everyone she cares for is living a healthy, fulfilling, enriched life.

Stephen Covey may have been thinking of Kate when he wrote about his 7 Habits – Especially:  Being Proactive, Beginning with the End in Mind, Win-Win and especially Seeking First to Understand.”

Kate is such an asset to KE that she was recently promoted to Supervisor and is looking forward to her new role. If anyone deserves the Founders award for DSP, it is Kate Dumond. I thank you and appreciate your consideration for her when choosing the DSP for this award.

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